Overview of Oleochemicals

Oleochemicala is the chemical products that are derived from oil and plants. The formation of Oleochemical substances such as fatty acid, fatty amines, fatty alcohols, and glycerols are by lots of enzymatic and chemical reactions. At first, Oleochemical is used to make soaps but later Oleochemical is now used in our daily lives as it can found in different sectors like cosmetics, food, industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. The Oleochemical are analogous to petrochemicals that are generally derived from petroleum.

Intermediate chemical substances that are produced from the Oleochemical will include alcohol sulfates, quaternary ammonium salt, sugar esters, and alcohol ethoxylates and many more Oleochemical products. Mostly, Oleochemicals exhibit low toxicity and biodegradable that is considered environment-friendly. The basic Oleochemical like glycerine and fatty acids are also referred to as the major commercially significant Oleochemical that leads to great impact in industries. Instead of it, the fatty alcohols and methyl esters are other basic and derivatives Oleochemical. With the rise in the price of crude oil in the 1970s, lots of manufacturers switched to Oleochemical from petrochemicals and the reason behind this is that it is cheaper to get plant based lauric oils processed from palm kernel oil. It is also believed that the oleo products are generally safe, organic, biodegradable and renewable.

Importance of Oleochemical industry

The Oleochemical industry that produces biodiesel yield great profit since the fossil fuel sources are diminishing over the years and it increases the use of biodiesel. The biodiesel is produced from the organic raw materials and it is harmful to produce biodiesel and it is also beneficial to prevent the global situation. Oleochemical products are used in lots of applications in personal care, soaps, and food additives. In addition to this, various new applications are also emerging that replace petroleum based products and create new opportunities in the market.
Oleochemical is mostly used in the personal care industries and home and one can find several manufacturers of Oleochemical in the market. Oleochemical industry is known as one of the fastest growing industry for biofuels. Almost all of the Oleochemical industries are based on the palm kernel oils, so it is hoped to finding out new raw material sources that are easy to obtain and cheaper. Protection of earth and environment is the priority of these industries to production eco friendly chemical product.

Oleochemical plays a vital role as an alternative that replaces the use of fossil fuel because the Oleochemical products are eco friendly and do not have an adverse impact on the environment.

At present, Asia is a major producer of Oleochemical and Oleochemical relating products while Indonesia and Malaysia are great producers of base Oleochemical like KLKOLEO with fatty alcohols, fatty acids, and other Oleochemical products.

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