Cause Damage Effects to Environment

4.9 million Australians drink water bottled in a week based on  Roy Morgan Research. You could imaging that where is these millions water bottle ends up. So, these ends up water bottle on the environment is tragic. Water bottles are convenience to you but you don’t realize that you are actually harm for the environment.

An indoor fountain helps curtail the staggering effects to these plastics water bottle on the environment in some various ways:

Reducing the waste of water bottle in junkyard:

In landfills across major cities there is millions of water bottles are dumped.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption (in transporting water bottles to the junkyard)

In Australian roads daily, thousands of dumper trucks are carrying the waste of drinking water bottles. So, drinking fountain could be very helpful to reduce fossil fuel and still can feed these thirsty trucks to environmental.

Therefore, we should protect to our environment and still not to harm it.