What Canadian Environment Network do?


The CEN keeps members up to date with important developments by maintaining a national data base of ENGOs and partners working in the environmental field.


Moreover, CEN compiling and publishing the green list directory which lists more than 2000 environmental groups, international networks, industries associations and governmental contacts. CEN also establishing links between Canadian ENGOs and others working on environmental issues around the world.


The selecting delegates who will participate in working groups, official Canadian delegations and consultations at home and abroad coordinating the Annual Conference on the Environment, an assembly of people from across the country working on environmental issues

  • sharing information among ENGOs through discussion documents and a weekly electronic bulletin distributed to all CEN members.
  • CEN providing research, logistics and promotional activities to support the work of the caucuses. The CEN or one of the Regional Affiliates can help organizations to develop links, create new alliances, and foster the support needed to sustain their members’ efforts in pursuit of their vision for a more sustainable and healthier environment.

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