Caucuses — From Health to Toxics

The CEN coordinates the work of national caucuses made up of participants drawn from its affiliated member groups.


These caucuses address essential environmental issues such as atmosphere and energy, biological diversity, biotechnology, environmental planning and assessment, environmental economics, environmental education, agriculture, forests, health, mining, toxics and water.


Furthermore, CEN’s youth caucus has partnered with other Canadian youth organizations in setting up the Youth Environmental Network. In addition, the CEN Forum on the World Summit on Sustainable Development organized ENGO activities in the weeks leading up to, during, and following the Summit in Johannesburg.


The CEN also encourages Canadian ENGOs to form close bonds with ENGOs in the South by supporting mutual cooperation and partnerships. CEN’s member groups participate with Southern partners in promoting practical approaches to environmental health and sustainable ways of life.

Working groups are often formed to support the participation of CEN members in specific public consultations which focus on critical issues.


Examples include: the development of “best practices” in environment; the establishment of legislative reforms; the development of the Harmonization Accord; and bringing representatives to official Canadian delegations for international meetings such as the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

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