The Effects of Acid Rain to Envinronment

For the ecosystem, acid rain could be dangerous precipitation and causes serious consequences.

In the picture, the scars of the spruce tress that causes acid rain affect are in Poland bears. The only thing that absorb air pollution like nitrogen oxides and sulfur is the rain droplets.


Acid rain impact on streams, wetlands, lakes and other aquatic environments. Acid rain will make waters acidic and absorb the aluminum which make the streams and lakes into soil. Acid rain will cause waters toxic to those crayfish, fish, clams and other aquatic animals.


Acid rain can be define as form of precipitation with high levels of sulfuric and nitric acids.

Erupting volcanoes and rotting vegetation would release some chemicals that also could cause acid rain, but the most serious to cause acid rain falls are of human activities.


There is a way to fight with acid rain is to release of the pollutants. To short define, we should burn fewer fossil fuels. We should use less electricity in our homes, then the fewer chemicals power will be emit.

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