Health, Water and Ecosystems

Health, Water and Ecosystem linkages

Water is the main source that covered to the earth. And, human body also composed of water.

Health and healthy is a general directory of web accessible resources focusing on linkages which is freshwater ecosystems.

Environment and Health in United Coastal Zone Management

Coastal ecosystems is the most famous in the world. It helps to build a good ecosystems to benefit to society.

Between 1900 and 1995 are the consumption rose six-fold of global freshwater. Over 1 billion human drink almost safe drinking-water supplies while 2.6 billion human lack adequate sanitation and get diseases related to unsafe water, hygiene and sanitation. This causes estimated 1.7 million human deaths every year.

 The Solutions

An ecosystem approach: Natural ecosystems have resilient and intricate mechanisms that sustain marine environments.

Human might change and upgrade in settings, but the main protection of the natural water can’t be erase. An ‘ecosystem approach’ recognizes and ascribes value.

Integrated water resource management: Different users for using ecosystem inside a watershed are symbiotic. Therefore, integrated water resource management is important.

Protecting water from contamination to global level: In vital principle, disposal of waste and protection of health from contaminated water are essential. It includes simple hygiene tactics as safe filtration and handwashing practice of household water resources.

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