Water Purification: Why is it so important?

Water Purification: Why is it so important?

Water purification is a very important process for our daily lives in order to live a healthy life. Almost 70% of our body is made up of water, so it is very important to keep it in mind to have safe and clean water for a day to day routine. With the increase in industries everywhere, it is very important to consume safe water. There are several processes that help us achieve that safety like purifiers that have different mechanisms to clean water.

Needs of Purification

Purification of water is as important as drinking water. So, in order to live, you need water, and in order to do so, the water you consume should be clean and clear. Now, during the process of purification, several different kinds of bacteria’s, mixed particles, chemicals are removed by different processes. There are varieties of techniques that are available in the market to achieve clean water for drinking and cooking purposes. Some use the process of Reverse Osmosis (RO), some use the process of Ultraviolet (UV) removal, some use carbon filters, etc. Now the choice of purifier depends completely on the type of water that is available in the place you live or even the type of area this is required for. The filters mainly focus on removing harmful chemicals, bacteria’s, viruses’ etc. from the water.

Water Filters: There are several different companies that are competing with each other to produce the best filters for water purification. Now, some only produce one kind of water filters while others produce all ranges of water filters. Gone are the days when only carbon was used, or sand was used to remove particles from water. Nowadays, there are several other types of machinery fixed into one single filter to make it work like a pro in purification process. One of those companies would be the Cuckoo Water Filters who are bringing a change in the market of water filters with their advanced technologies and properties.

The four major types under the range of their filters are:

  • Marvel: It is a very slim, light and space saving filter that is designed especially for people who can use it at their homes or at very small work areas. It is operated using a small digital panel which is user friendly. There are 3 filters that are used for a five stage filtration process. The only temperature of the water it provides you with is normal water.
  • ICON Model: This was one of the main inventions in their company which introduced the in and out sterilization system in water purifiers. This allows the water filter to even clean itself on its own. This filter has a child lock in order to provide you maximum safety. Its body is streamlined. Also, it provides you with water of 13 different temperatures.
  • DELUXE: It’s designed perfectly for office use with four filters. Its water tank is made of stainless steel increasing the durability. Gives you hot and cold water only.
  • FUSHION STAND: This is a model made for only household uses. It has special child locks inbuilt to provide safety. This unlike others follows a six-step process with four filters. It allows you to select between hot, normal and cold water.

These are the types of the Air Cuckoo filters and the several properties they hold. They have different categories that provide different functions and needs. Chose accordingly and enjoyed the most with your new water purifier for the best water!

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