Different type of water tank to store water

Different type of water tank to store water
When it comes to selecting the water tank, you have many choices. There is various type of water tank. You can select the water tank from www.aircuckoo.com.my who provides you guarantee about quality. The quality of any water tank depends on the quality of material which better avoids rust and other similar problems. Basically, the water includes various inorganic and organic compounds. It also includes oxygen and hydrogen which is the main compound of water and other compounds are calcium, iron, and magnesium causes’ small damage to tank material. So you should select the tank which can avoid these problems.
Though, you can find various type of water tank but some of them given below to understand about them.

Poly tanks
Poly tanks are also known as polyethylene tanks. You can find a wide size of poly tanks in order to store water in huge amount. The poly tank size varies with few hundreds to 50,000 liters. The poly tanks are suitable for both under the ground condition and above the ground condition. The poly tanks are available in the feature that it can be molded in different size as required. Big manufacturing agency produces a wide range of water tank size and colors. In order to place the tank above the surface requires different color because people love to have different color tanks.

Metal tanks
Metal tanks are also one of the best options for storing water. This type was used in earlier times and was the most loved option to store water. Various types of metal tanks are available in the market which includes traditional galvanized steel such as aquaplate, Zincalume, and colorbond. On the other hand, the high ranges of water tanks are made of stainless steel. Similar to poly tanks, the metal tanks are made of a different variety, size, and shapes. The metal material gets react with water ingredient. In that case, the metal tanks are layered with poly liners to avoid any reaction or rust. If you have already installed the metal type of water tank, then you need a regular inspection to avoid any physical damage.

Concrete tanks
These are the type of water tank suitable for both below the ground and above the ground. The major benefit of installing concrete tanks is its capacity. You can find concrete water tank in industrial structures which is capable of storing about 1 million liters of water. Concrete water tanks are long lasting, but sometimes there is a cracking problem if installed in clay soil. Concrete water tank above the ground can penetrate due to temperature effect, but the tank below the ground does not.

PVC water tanks
Different type of water tank is available in the market, but the PVC tanks are most common. These can appear in every house for storing water. These are made of a hard polymer which can withstand high pressure, temperature. This can easily store the water in huge amount. The plastic or polymer is used in making the water tank has the property that does not react with water ingredient. So it is the most long lasting water tank we have.

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